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    General Information

    Welcome to the forum of the Northern Ireland Veterans Association.

    Joining and using this forum is free of charge and you are welcome to use the sites facilities.

    All you need to join the forum is a valid email address and we do ask that you are honest when you complete the registration. We do ask for other optional information such as your regimental number/collar number, as well as your NI tours and corps/regiment. The only persons that will be able to view this information will be yourself and the 4 site administrators. Details of which specific fields are available are in the actual registration document.

    Instructions are emailed to you during the 2 stage process which is why the email address you give should be doubled checked before you submit your details.

    As a registered user, you will have access to all the public area's of the site - again, these are free for you to use.

    Should you wish to Join the association as a full member, a membership form can be found in the downloads section complete with details of the joining fee and what your membership includes. NIVA membership works on a subscription basis. Subscription is set at 10.00 per annum

    As a full member of the association, you will have access to the members area's of the site.

    The monies that the association gets from membership are purely used to pay the costs of running the site, minor admin costs such as postage and stationary and the annual memorial service which is held at the NMA in Staffordshire each year. As a member, you will have access to the books of the association and regular reports on associations accounts are posted for members to see. NIVA does not pay expenses to its committee members.

    Should you not wish to join the association we would be gateful if you could consider making a donation to assist us in the upkeep of this site. The Northern Ireland Veterans Association has had a website for over 7 years now and we have hope, that we will have a site for many more years to come.

    Please be mindfull of the fact that all the committee and admin functions are filled by people who have full time jobs and families. We will endevour to reply to your communications, send out your PRI purchases or sort out any issues straight away, but there will on occasions be delays due to other committments.

    If you have any further questions, please use the "Contact Us" section.
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