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    I have the Chindits Honour roll Completed here
    "Nec Aspera Terrent"

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    When i was younger, there was an old boy,you would always see him in the town, and every person that he came into contact with.he would tell them,ive got the burma star,he always had this big smile on hes face, you could tell that he wasant quite right,while some people understood,most dident,they would say, yer ok,and just walk on.looking back he must of been a frustrated and lonley man a lot of the time,after what he must of seen out there,nobody really understood him.thats all he used to do.,i always remember him now,although at the time,even though my mum was always telling me storys about my grand dad in the second world war,i was still to young to under stand about him.very sad.

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    That always reminds me of the words to that song by Ralph McTell:

    Have you seen the old man outside the Seaman's mission
    Memory fading like the medal ribbons that he wears
    In a winters city, the wind cries little pity
    One more forgotten hero in a world that never cares.

    As was said, very sad.
    You cannot fight a war with one hand tied behind your back.

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    Just to follow on from you guys my wife,s late uncle was in the Chindits i did not know until he was ill and he had hallucinations.
    He thought the Japanese were after him he would lock his doors and say to his wife they were after him he had to go into care
    and went on medication, It was a shame that no one understood him and it was not until he died that i knew he was part of the Chindits
    He never spoke about his involvement i wish i had known when i first met him as we used to have a good laugh together.
    I have missed out on his and others experiences and history it is a big shame it is lost for ever

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