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Thread: Martin Abildgaard

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    Martin Abildgaard

    A year ago today my friend Martin Abildgaard of the Danish army was killed by an IED whilst on patrol in Afghanistan.

    A seriously nice lad with his head properly screwed on who loved his job.

    RIP mate.
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    I've recently read a book written by retired Lt Col Stuart Tootal about his Parachute Battalion's tour in Afghanistan during 2006 when it really kicked off over there. The only NATO unit to serve alongside them were the Danes. Someone recently posted the casualty list of the various countries who have troops there. Proportionally, Denmark's is higher than ours so those lads are up there amongst it.

    R.I.P. Martin
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    Just read Doug Beattie's book about his last tour of Afghanistan; he was also supported by a couple of Dane tanks.

    Stand easy Martin

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