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Thread: County Burial Locations.

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    I use to live in yorkshire, but the doctor says i am all better now that i live on Exmoor !!
    That church at Aldringham looks a peaceful place Jiggy.

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    Rest in Peace all of them and bless you who do this work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Padre View Post
    That church at Aldringham looks a peaceful place Jiggy.

    It is Padre. The village or Hamlet really, comprised of just a few houses a short distance from the church and is surrounded by a woodland walk. All you can hear is birdsong. I can only assume that the congregation comes from nearby Leiston which is town size. The interior was beautifully kept and a real pleasure to see. I had earlier contacted the churchwarden who was most helpful in providing the burial records which helped us a lot.
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