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Thread: dhofar

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    My first wife was from Ballymurphy and turned into a right old dragon in knickers, not a sheep in sussies. Then again, she did win best of breed at Ballygobackwards annual show. All in good fun of course. She might read this and track me down with a rolling pin.
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    Does my soul the world of good reading some of this stuff. Can't find the picture of the girl with the goaty, and as for the guy in the Ballymurphy watching the funeral parade with the Tojo fella dropping his pistol. Same thing happened to me when a guy dropped his 9mm staring at me asking what shall i do??? Try picking it up ya ****. We have woman at work know as the 'premenstral scorpion"

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    I use to live in yorkshire, but the doctor says i am all better now that i live on Exmoor !!
    Quote Originally Posted by Eggy View Post
    A book some of you may find interesting due to the stories origins being Dhofar, the book is mainly centered around the years 1977 - 1990 and it's contents is a true account that followed the conflict in Dhobar.

    The Feather Men

    Author Ranulph Fiennes ( himself a former SAS officer )

    In the years between 1977 and 1990, a group of hired assassins know as the clinic tracked down and killed 4 British soldiers, one at a time, 2 of the victims were ex-SAS. All 4 had fought in the Arabian desert.

    The Feather men were recruited to hunt the clinic. Without their intervention more soldiers would have died. At the end of their operation they asked Ranulph Fiennes, one of the world's best know explorerers and himself a former SAS officer, to tell their extraordinary story....

    The Feather Men is the first account of a secret group with SAS connections - still unacknowledged by the establishment , who set out to achieve their own form of justice, and how in September 1990, they finally got their result.

    I found what you put interesting Eggy.
    I googled it and found this ;

    I think either it will always remain a secret or someone is telling big porkies !
    79 Squadron RCT The most ELITE regiment of the british army

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    Its not true and has been promulgated by the guardians of the myth. I would go as far as to say it is not porkies in a malicious sense but a story to build up egos and keep the 16000 wannabe SAS men that turn up every year on remeberance day parades, Rubbish.
    Pretty warm here today expecting 25 degrees in our area alone. Put yer hats and don't forget to do up yer top buttons. Don't go to work stay in bed.
    ps one of the elites regiments is 9 Sqn RE soldiers that can fight and build at the same time.

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    Well said Jimmy. I think I already posted this on the site ..... but the SAS must have been the biggest Regiment in the British Army its got so many claiming to be ex members. Personally, I can't understand it. To have served is enough to be admired. It should always be remembered that without the tail, the teeth can't bite.
    As to the weather, I met a brass monkey today carrying a small bag. He asked for directions to the local welding shop.
    You cannot fight a war with one hand tied behind your back.

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    In June 2010, Alice Clarke, the daughter of SAS soldier Major Mike Kealy whose death is depicted in The Feather Men at the hands of The Clinic, spoke out, saying that her father had died during an endurance exercise in the Brecon Beacons in 1979. Describing Fiennes' claims as "disgraceful", she stated that her mother had confronted the author at the Hay Festival, and he had admitted to her that the story was a work of fiction.

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    Hi Guy's sorry to butt in.
    but i started this, in memory of all those who fell during the Dhofar war.
    i no that i went of track a bit and that's why till now i have not posted again.

    jimmy if you look back through the months, all those you have posted have already been mentioned.
    if this is of interest to you, search Mina al Falal Cemetry.
    all the brits are buried with the nationality of "Arab"
    all fallen SAS were flown home.

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    Happy new year love this little picture. I put the names up basically to give the dates.

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