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Thread: 13 Kings 'Chindits' Roll of Honour - Burma

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    13 Kings 'Chindits' Roll of Honour - Burma

    It seems that the server dumped my first post regarding this subject earlier tonight.
    2nd attempt then.

    I have just finished the sad (and Lengthy) transcription of the 13 Kings 'Chindits' Roll of Honour and published it on The Kings Regiment Web Site.
    You can view it here >>
    "Nec Aspera Terrent"

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    Beautiful piece of work Frenchie, it's work like yours that keep's their names alive, well done mate.

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    Cracking job as always mate. A worthy tribute.

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    excellent stuff incredible to see they were older fellas. I only met up with a few in Ardwick but my CSM told me stories of them when he joined up in the late forties, wild men.
    Well done lad

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