The MOD have today announced enforcement on serving personnel regarding blogs, chatrooms, websites, forums and various other internet activity. Please read this link:

There is a minimum of users who are currently serving but I would advise both them and any of the users/members who have access to 'current' information, to please think carefully before mentioning anything in open forum that might be taken as being of 'national interest'.

This could be where people are, what they are doing, who was involved, incident details, movements, unit info, equipment use and failings - the list is endless.

In other words don't put yourselves in a position where a mention of something in innocence as part of a topic conversation could be used against you. Remember, we are all still covered by the OSA, as is NIVA potentially in a sensitive position with regard to what is put on its pages.

This is NOT censorship - NIVA does not believe in that - but just a request for us all to be careful, we get a lot of visitors now and they are not all NI Vets.

Anyone wishing to have conversations ref current deployments would be best advised to do so via private message or e-mail.

Remember that old chestnut - "Need to know"

Many thanks peeps.

Site Admin