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  1. Tony Blar Blar...
  2. Just in
  3. Royal Marine from 45 Cdo killed in Afghanistan on 14 Feb
  4. Soldier from 1 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan
  5. Three soldiers from 1 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan
  6. Royal Marine dies of wounds sustained in Afghanistan
  7. Roll of Honour 2009
  8. Royal Marine Michael Laski laid to rest by family and friend
  9. 2 RWR Soldier Killed in Helmand
  10. Two REME soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan
  11. Sgt Brett Till
  12. Roll of Honour Afghanistan
  13. Soldier shot in Helmet escapes injury
  14. Fusiliers celebrate St George's Day in Afghanistan
  15. Soldier from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards killed in Afghanista
  16. The full Story
  17. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
  18. Soldier from 2 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan
  19. RMP and Gurkha killed in Afghanistan
  20. Most Daring Rescue Mission Of War Revealed
  21. Royal Marine from the Armoured Support Group killed.
  22. Welsh Guard dies in Selly Oak
  23. RRF Soldier Killed Near Sangin
  24. British soldier killed in Afghan explosion
  25. Soldier from The Mercian Regiment killed in Afghanistan
  26. Royal Marine dies from wounds sustained in Afghanistan
  27. Two Events to Note.
  28. Afghanistan claims two more
  29. Soldier from The 2nd Battalion The Rifles killed in Afghan
  30. BlackWatch Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  31. Soldier from 2 RIFLES killed in action near Sangin
  32. A British soldier killed in southern Afghanistan
  33. Two soldiers killed in Helmand
  34. Two More Soldiers Killed
  35. Soldier from Welsh Guards killed in Afghanistan
  36. Soldier from The Light Dragoons killed in Afghanistan
  37. Two More Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  38. Remembering the Fallen
  39. Soldier from The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment KIA
  40. Five more UK dead in Afghanistan
  41. Soldier from 2nd Battalion The Rifles killed
  42. Soldier killed 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
  43. Rfn Cyrus Thatcher
  44. Bomb Disposal Group Soldier Killed.
  45. Soldier from Coldstream Guards killed in Afghanistan
  46. Two Soldiers Killed As Major Operation Ends
  47. AWOL Soldier appears at court martial
  48. REME Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  49. 3 more killed in Afghanistan
  50. Private Jason George Williams killed in Afghanistan
  51. Three UK soldiers die in Helmand
  52. 2 RRF Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  53. Another Three UK soldiers die in Helmand
  54. Two soldiers killed in Helmand
  55. TOP VIDEO: British Soldiers Return Home
  56. Soldier dies from Afghan wounds
  57. 1st Batt Grenadier Guards
  58. Royal Marine killed near Gereshk on 29 August
  59. Two soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  60. REME soldier killed in Afghanistan on 2 September
  61. Mercian soldier killed in Afghanistan
  62. Trooper Killed in Afghanistan.
  63. Soldier from 2 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan on 16 September
  64. soldier from 2 Mercian Regiment killed in Afghanistan
  65. Private James Prosser killed in Afghanistan
  66. UK serviceman dies in Afghanistan
  67. Heavy US losses in Afghan battle
  68. UK soldier killed in Afghan blast
  69. British soldier from the Royal Military Police killed
  70. 3 RIFLES take over from fellow riflemen in Sangin
  71. Soldier dies from blast injuries
  72. UK soldier dies in Afghan blast
  73. Guardsman David Atherton
  74. Rifles Soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
  75. Soldier from 2 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan
  76. 4 RIFLES soldier killed in Helmand
  77. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
  78. Soldier from 33 Engineer Regiment killed.
  79. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
  80. Castleford Heroes
  81. 'bravest of the brave'
  82. 500 more Troops on their way ...
  83. Coldstream Guardsman killed in Afghanistan
  84. Memorial web site to the Fallen in Afghanistan.
  85. Light Dragoons in Barnsley
  86. UK soldier becomes 100th to die in Afghanistan in 2009
  87. Two more soldiers die in suicide bomb attack.
  88. Kingo Killed in Afghanistan
  89. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
  90. Repatriation
  91. In memory of Lance Corporal Tommy Brown
  92. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan explosion
  93. 8 CIA Officers, 4 Canadian Soldiers killed
  94. Soldier dies after Afghan blast
  95. British death toll in Afghanistan reaches 250 after Rifleman is killed by explosion
  96. Roadside bombs kill two soldiers in Afghanistan
  97. Another Kingo Killed in Helmand
  98. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
  99. Soldier killed in Afghan blast
  100. Soldier from 3 RIFLES killed near Sangin on 6 March
  101. 1st Rifles Lad killed on Monday 8th
  102. Fallen Brit War Hero 'To Get George Cross'
  103. Soldier dies of wounds at Selly Oak
  104. Announcement
  105. Soldier from the Household Cavalry Regiment killed in Afghanistan
  106. British soldier killed in an explosion
  107. Military honours for serving in Afghanistan and Iraq
  108. I E D deaths
  109. Martin Abildgaard
  110. A Royal Marine has been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defenc
  111. Three soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  112. Forever Young. A song for Wootton Bassett
  113. Royal Scots Soldier killed in Afganistan
  115. Another sad loss
  116. Today of all days - 14th November - Remembrance Sunday
  117. Sheffield bomb expert Karl Ley receives George Medal
  118. L/Bdr Ben Parkinson, 7 Para RHA
  119. The Last Journey...
  120. The Lancers' Return
  121. Highlander killed 'looking for kit'
  122. Sgt Lee Davidson Light Dragoons
  123. Yorkshire Woman of the Year - Michelle Ping
  124. Sapper Jordan Patrick Rossi
  125. Lance Corporal Jamie Webb 26/03/13
  126. Lest We Forget
  127. 4 Czech Soldiers killed in Afghanistan